About FloorChem Asia

FloorChem Asia Co.,Ltd. are leader polyurethane & epoxy flooring manufacturer in South east Asia and Asia Pacific. We supplied best quality product to local market and oversea market more than hundreds thousand square meter per year. Our products are categorized under four mainstream trade names i-SEAL, i-FLOOR, i-DECK, i-QUICK and i-KRETE which cover a wide variety of applications and finishes, including surface sealers, self-leveling coatings, heavy-duty trowelable and aggregate broadcast systems, reinforced linings, and combinations of each which exhibits the following performances;

  • Zero VOC, environmental friendly water-borne epoxy coating systems on walls and floors with light to medium duty traffics especially in public and institutional environments such as hospitals, and government buildings.
  • Renewable resources such as natural oil as polymer building blocks in producing
    paints and coatings which will reduce the dependant on non-renewable environmental fossils.
  • Inhibits Growth of Bacteria through the Special Anti-Microbial Additive meeting
    JIS Z 2801 Japanese Standard.
  • Highly Decorative Coloured Flake and Quartz Filled Systems for commercial needs such as showrooms.
  • Extremely Hard >90 Shore D with highly abrasion resistant Terrazzo Systems with Decorative Granite, Crystal and Glass Chippings for Pharmaceutical Plants and Shopping Centres.
  • Highly Chemical, Mechanical, and Thermal Resistance Flooring for Wet and Dry Process Areas, Cold Rooms, Kitchen with Hot Oil Spillages, Warehouses, Chemical Facilities, Loading and Unloading Zones.
  • Super Fast Flooring System which turns to service in 2hrs for Full Traffic
  • Joint Free for Ease of Cleaning and Hygiene Requirement
  • Controlled Discharge of Static Charges in Electronic and Explosive Environment through Conductive and Dissipative Flooring complying to American ASTM F150, British BS 2050, European IEC 61340-5-1, and others Standards..
  • Carefully Designed Flexible Car Park Floors with Antislip, Noise Reduction, Crack
    Bridging, Highly Reflective and UV Resistance Properties for Parking Bays, Driveways, Turning Circles, Stopping Spots, Entry and Exit Ramp Driving Conditions.
  • Suppress High Moisture and Osmosis Activities in Floors on Grade.