Our Environment

Sustaining Our Environment

At FloorChem Asia, we strive to ensure that all aspects of our business operations are designed and implemented in ways that will minimise any negative impact on the environment. This goal is embedded in our research, development, manufacturing and operations and installation processes to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In developing flooring solutions, we aim to ensure they are not only innovative from a functional perspective but are formulated with sustainability in mind. This includes the responsible use of valuable resources throughout the manufacturing process to minimise our carbon footprint. Enhancing the Product Life Cycle The durability of our high performance resin systems means that flooring lasts longer and does not require replacement so frequently. The resources required for uplift, removal and disposal of the floor therefore and those used in the manufacturing and installation of a replacement floor are saved.

Minimising Waste
At FlowChem Asia we take great care to minimise resource and energy use during our manufacturing process.
All of our waste streams are closely monitored to ensure the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly route to disposal. Wherever possible we reintroduce factory waste to our manufacturing processes or look to eliminate waste at source.
In many instances, our flooring systems can remain in-situ when floor replacement is carried out, avoiding the requirement for disposal.

Eliminating Solvents
FlowChem Asia has been using predominantly water-based and solvent-free flooring technology for more than a decade. This has significantly reduced the emission of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to atmosphere during installation.

Sustainable Operations
We undertake regular assessments of our sites to monitor the use of the surrounding land, water and atmosphere. These audits assess hazardous chemical substances, ventilation, environmental noise, waste management, water and sanitation.

Conserving Energy
The in-built light reflective properties of a number of our flooring systems reduce the need for artificial strip and spotlighting, helping owners and operators to reduce energy consumption.